1. The Procession
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Tenth track from the freak-folk album, Splendour + Misery.


A heart to demonise, a body eaten by time,
Name engraved on the side, refrain from what's mine
Our ties as thick as blood, our demise the trick of luck
Two heart strings to pluck.

Prescribe a new love, describe a true love,
Disguise a shrewd love
With eyes as moist as thighs.

You hope for the future, you hold what has passed
Your eyes relive other sins, sins now safe with kin
They smile when they meet you (again), but behind the...

Smile is the smile of a child who doesn't wake up at night
'cause she's torn from a world where she's old enough to recall
When two were one.

Faces they come and go, will this Summer never end?
Now that we're back to candlelight, you on your side and I on mine,
And everyone we meet sympathise, they listen and nod and dry their eyes
But when it's done, it's back to love.

Prescribing a new one, describing a true one,
Inventing a real one
With eyes as moist as thighs.