A sense of the indefinite, a strange nihilistic aftertaste envelops anyone who tries to delve into Deckard's texts ... a condensation of symbolism and elegant allegories that depict a reality that upon closer inspection is a non-reality.”

Indie Italia

'Eyes Touch' is poetic, thought-provoking, and boasts an exemplary selection of words that would make any songwriter jealous ... Deckard is singing you a song where the words come to life in your mind in a highly visual & sensory way.”

Sleeping Bag Studios

The artist’s sound is really entrancing and hypnotic, at times diving deeper in the most 'psychedelic' leanings of alternative folk.”

The Bandcamp Diaries

Not only comes around the corner with an interesting sound design [and] fantastic composing, which takes the listener into new sound spheres, but also with very good songwriting and a multidimensional effect in terms of content. ”

She Wolf Magazin

[Noncommunication of the Cephalopods is] absolutely out of any rational categories of listening and appeals more to hypnotic effects and tickling the subconscious.”

MangoWave Magazine

The music is a masterclass in minimalism, subtle organ and synths growing organically in texture and musical tension.”

The Faulkner Review

Psychedelic and crazy, 'Cosmospine' sends you into an eclectic opus and above all an admirable artistic freedom.”

Indie Chronique

Deckard has always been inspired by albums where the tracks are so well engineered that the mix itself becomes a kind of overarching conductor directing the physicality of the sound.”

Powerplay, Issue 256

[Mise en Contexte] doesn’t follow fad or fashion, seems oblivious to the zeitgeist and, if ever it learned the rules, it was only to understand how and when they could be bent, broken and twisted to the artist’s own sonic vision.”

Dancing About Architecture