Audiobooks (Commission)

Infinite Metropolis

Submerged by A.M. Deese +

Ignited by A.M. Deese +

 Fragile Chaos by Amber R. Duelle +

Old Hollow by Ambrose Stolliker

The She-Wolf of Kanta by Marlena Frank +

La Grande Breteche by Honore de Balzac *

Zephyr's Curse by Zelda Knight +

Valor by Odyssey Rose +

Symphony of the Night: A Chapbook by Samuel Marzioli +

The Death Chute by Ambrose Stolliker

Immortal Coven by Zelda Knight +

The Catalog of Lost Objects by David Gallay +

Gargoyles & Absinthe by Eric Avedissian +

Wed to the Warlock by Zelda Knight +

A Season of Whispers by Jackson Kuhl +

* Narration only

+ Sound effects/ambiance/music only