1. Telepathine
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Third track from the psychedelic album, Cosmospine.


I haven't had this dream in years,
This vision is no rejection of inverse intention.
It cannot be described in words, images and meaning are a mirror,
A conversation.

This is a portrait, a portrait of fates.
I know, of a brash apt reprobate.

You may discuss mad events, tortured skies and broken wrists
With anyone.

Throw caution to a restless wind, touch my fingertips with your
Thick warm thighs.

Brittany my child, you haven't changed.
The sweater you've worn, is a shade of grey.

"Il est plus difficile de changer ce qui se trouve a l'exterieur que ce qui se trouve a l'interieur."

Capricorn, a figure of speech.
You break the silence, with perfect teeth.

Brace yourself, there's pride in defeat.
Careful with that brandished blade, you hold in your beat.