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Single preempting the psychedelic album, Cosmospine.


You're just the shadow of my irrepressive sign.
Bungee jumping into the bardo,
marvel woven up with esparto.
You're tending flowers who are just about to die.
When the sun falls undertone,
Wideworld frantic for reform.

Living now is only breathing, a silver thread of my own conceiving,
Recalling those past lives,
No delayed night flights.
Throughout the commonwealth, the fractal faith (you might as well).
Your suicide is politics,
You take just to take again.

Chemical cascades, love within cheap frame.
What does this bring? Pheromone shades?
Given to take, first step of hate;
Meager refrain, all voices sing.

A flow of energy trapped in human form
Diaphonous mindfulness
Stranger and then kindness.