1. Eyes Touch
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Single preempting the dark psychedelic album, Marquis Verdigris.


Hey baby, see all those lights - they only reach for you.
In the comfort of towers that scrape the sky, a figure peers down to you.
On the composite heap, with a trick of the light, a common stone shines like new.
Your eyes are all lit with the city life, you can't believe it's true.

Glimmer for me,
Alight and retreat,
A preface for the lens.

This vascular hatchet,
Peripheral magic,
A measure for the end.

Subliminal marquee,
Inseperable gazin',
A preface for the lens.

Soft-focusing lovely,
A precious delicacy,
A measure for the end.

You promised me twice you'll never look back and you never will again.
You sleep by your pillow, the sun settles in, you shut your mind away.
The stars' slow to rise, it gets in your eyes, you have promises to keep.

You open your eyes, you see that you dream of yourself -
The one who cares for no one, who seems to care.
You look like a soul that has no reason for hate,
You care for those who seem to never hesitate.

The light from above is like a clerical stare - the face is cold and alone.
The shivering's won, the money's in hand, the Sirens wail as loud as they can.
On the horizon, the night turns to day, your legs run, the warnings are shot.
In the far sprawl, the fray's done - a piece of you is left behind.