1. Episteme

From the recording Splendour + Misery

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You have a thousand names, a thousand forms, you're everyone but secretly,
scarcely here, illusory - the embodiment of mythology.
Brevity beckons my speech when I talk about what is meant to be
For we both know, till the end of words,
Our speeches, our parlay won't be heard.

(do you know, I think you know)
Treason teaches us twice; we have two of all things, why not vice?
At first loyalist, then conspirator.
(I don't know, who are you?)

The white one, the black one - all colours in your eyes;
This vision you're having has no earthly price.
Take comfort in knowing that nothing is golden,
Believe what is told you for all is uncertain.
On your right, on your left - you've borne enough burden.
It cannot get worse for fear is the curtain,
That shrouds the truth, the answer we all would like knowing,
But knowing is the cancer that hides what it's showing.

(do you know, I hope you know)
But in all of that futile advice, some things are inevitably nice.
Just forget about all I said before.
(I don't know, who am I?)